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..i'm Filipina, and I'm dreaming(Dying!!!!) to meet face to face with Stana Katic, Nathan Fillion...

5th March 2013

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biggest shippper ever

“I’m just gonna grab him at some point and start making out, if they don’t write it in.”
bahahaha. I imagined that scenario. filming the usual Caskett conversation at the precint and suddenly Stana goes crazy and jumps on Nathan. the cameraman and the director completely frozen and Marlowe with wide eyes steps closer to them: “Stana… umm…” but she is totally under the spell and can’t notice the world around their bubble so Marlowe starts poking her shoulder “Stana… this is not how I wrote this scene. Would you… uhmm… just…” he finally gives up and with a “whatever” goes back to his chair.

but seriously… I think we didn’t realize just how frustrating this whole situation was for her. poor Stana. :D but now I get why they didn’t have to reshoot the making out scene in Always over and over again :D I bet she had different scenarios in her head for a looong time :D

No one suffered more than Stana. She was the shipper queen who only wanted Caskett together

It’s always great when people are excited about what they are doing in life.  No matter what the situation, the final product is always better when people are on board. I was especially happy when Nathan came around to the idea and realized that it was the natural progression of the show.

I know deep inside her there is always an excitement everytime they have Caskett Romance.. I mean Come On.. That girl waited for 4 years for them to make out already..lets just say there is a certain fulfillment she felt…Im sure ;)

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